Some Tattoo Design Ideas

Hello again! This time, I decided, to show you some of my newest tattoo design ideas. I already worked on some tattoo designs, years ago but stopped drawing them, after I started to mainly work with oil and acrylic paint/ canvases. I recently took a break from acrylic and oil paintings and started to create some tattoo design ideas again because… I have no idea; I just wanted to draw them again.

By the way, I will show you some of my new acrylic paintings soon, but I simply wanted to make some tattoo stuff first.

Now enjoy (?) the things that I drew on paper 😉

Decaying Biomechanic Head

Grim Reaper Tattoo Design Idea

Lady Death Tattoo Design Idea

T Rex biomechanic tattoo design

Music Girl Tattoo Design

All designs are also on my Twitter and Deviantart pages.

Thanks for watching, I’ll see you all later \m/^^\m/


The long process of writing my query letter, for Grim

Prepare for a lot of whining and stuff that everyone, who wrote a query latter, must have encountered already.

Writing a query letter is freakishly hard, in my opinion.

I created like what… maybe 30-50 different versions (I lost count to be honest) of my query letter, before I found the version that doesn’t suck as bad, as the others.

Maybe the final query letter incarnation is good, maybe it’s bad. I have no clue, even though I used some successful ones, as reference, while I created my own. XD

I have my fingers crossed that either a publisher or an agent (agency) will like what she or he sees.

For me, writing a query letter was even harder, than to write a whole book/novel (in this case “Grim”), but all this is complaining about first world problems.  😉

That’s it, for today, I’ll see you all later (or every day, on Twitter) \m/^^\m/

Insomnia (Short Story, 1285 words)

It’s been a while, but here’s my newest “horror” short-story. I wrote it within two hours and I used spell checker for a quick grammar correction (I hope that it isn’t too bad) 😉


Dog-tired, I scuff through the floor of my apartment. The wooden planks beneath my feet are warm, except for one spot, which is always cold. Every day I wondered why it is so, but… my stupid janitor said that it was nothing and that I shouldn’t care about it and that I shouldn’t ask him again. Slowly I march into my nice, little kitchen, touch the glass-table and let my hand hover over a bowl which is filled with apples, “Mmh apples.” But I’m not going to eat those now. The wooden floor beneath my feet feels great. It was a good choice to buy this apartment. Gently, I grab the handle of the nearby refrigerator and open the door. Cold air flows out of it, covering my chest and my arm as I let my hand slip inside of it, “Yummy.” I hum. Rather quickly I grab a plate, filled with mashed potatoes, gravy and meatballs.
“Thanks mom.” I grin, close the refrigerator and put my meal into the microwave and activate the timer. It feels like activating a time-bomb, ready to give me the explosive tastiness of a home cooked meal, “Hehe.” I smile and wait for my dinner that I got from my recent visit at home.
The smell is great and my mouth is already watering. Better than ramen noodles.
Beep Beep Beep! The microwave has finished the reheating process and I wonder if the plate will be hot and my dinner will be freezing cold. Speaking… I mean thinking of frozen… why is the floor cold here too? It was warm a moment before.
“Hmm.” Maybe the cold air from the refrigerator crawled down and now floats over the floor? Anyway, a fine meal awaits me. I open the glass-door, carefully grab the plate and check the heat of my food with my other hand. It is surprisingly warm and not only the plate. I close the microwave, grab a fork, a knife and go to the living room. Finally, I can sit down on my large couch, place my plate which is full of tasty food on the coffee table and switch on the television via the remote control.
Well, now I sit here, enjoying my food, watching a show and wonder what else I need in my life. I have a great job, a nice apartment, a lovely family and… yes, “A girlfriend would be great.” I sigh.
“Anyway.” I grunt and swallow the last, juicy meatball and continue to watch some TV. Man, I am really tired after this rich meal. I yawn and notice that the floor beneath my feet gets colder and colder, “Weird.” I yawn. Maybe it’s the ventilation shafts that run through the floors?
Stretching my back, I stand up, turn off the TV and wonder if I should play a game on my console?
“Nah.” I yawn again and walk over, to the bathroom. With a small motion of my pointer I switch on the lights in the sterile looking room and approach the sink. A short look in the mirror above the sink shows my face, “Damn, I’m one good-looking dude.” I joke to myself. Something immediately catches my interest. It is a long, blonde hair, deep down in the sink. Shrugging with my shoulders, I flush it down the drain, but wonder, where it came from. Most certainly it is none of mine, because I have short, brown hairs. Maybe it stuck with me after work? Do we have a woman with long, blonde hairs in the office? No, I’m too tired to investigate this any further. Quickly I brush my teeth, undress myself, except for my boxer shorts and T-shirt. I waddle to my nearby bedroom and swiftly jump on it. The bouncy material cushions my fall and I immediately pull the blanket up to my shoulders.
It feels cozy, like always. Now I lie here, in my big, comfortable bed and wonder how it would be, if I had a girlfriend. Damn, I need someone to talk to and cuddle with. Nice thoughts, and I get tired by the minute, but I can’t sleep. I try to, but somehow it is not possible.
“Oh man.” I sigh and pull the blanket up a little more.
“Why is it getting colder?” I wonder and feel kind of uncomfortable as a cold breath of wind sneaks under my blanket and touches my hip.
“Stupid janitor… I… I will tell him tomorrow, to fix the damn air conditioner.” This damn air conditioning system is the only grief that I have about this otherwise amazing apartment.
Maybe a little thinking will distract me from the sometimes cold breaths of air that now even touch my neck.
And again, another breath touches my neck and after a short break, another one, “It feels like…” I turn around and see nothing. But for a moment it seems like the blinds in front of the windows have moved.
“Nah, stupid mind, go to rest. You’re a grown up dude. Monsters and ghosts don’t exist, silly.” I whisper to myself and turn around, only to feel the cold air repeatedly touch my neck. Slowly I begin to accept this rhythmic flow of air and I get more and more tired, but another cold blow enters my blanket.
Dammit! That’s so… my thoughts stop immediately as I feel gentle, slender but also cold fingers touch on my arm. I can’t move, I… I feel paralyzed. Slowly I feel the weight of a person on my whole arm, my eyes widen and I can’t close them. The weight shifts over and now rests on my chest. I don’t see anything. No shadow, no physical shape, but I feel… someone breathing. Cold air tickles my face and I try to move my eyes to the left before thin forearms appear in my fixed sight. Long, pale and bony fingers move without a sound, touching the blanket to my right. A head covered in long, blonde hairs comes into my view. Paralyzed, I can only watch as the hairs move to the sides, revealing a pale, face with no eyes, no nose, but a gaping mouth that turns into a grin reveals hundreds of flat but thin teeth. Behind those teeth lies a pitch-black and endless seeming throat.
The jaw of the creature, with no real facial features, opens wider as a long, worm-like tongue emits from the blackness of its throat.
Slowly, this pale creature creeps nearer to my face, dripping saliva on my chin and starts to talk to me, “You wanted a girlfriend? Here I am. You’re mine now!” Are the last words I hear, before the creature leaps forward and buries its teeth in my face.

I don’t know for how long I’ve been asleep, but now that I’m awake, I wonder where I am. It is dark, where I am. It is cold and clammy. I wander around, but I can’t seem to remember this place. I try to scream, but no word will come out of my mouth.
From time to time I hear steps from above the ceiling but only muffled voices. Am I dreaming? Am I dead? Again, I can hear steps and voices from above.
“Oh honey, it is perfect, let’s buy this apartment.” I hear a female voice.
“Sure sweetie, let’s buy it. But, why did the last owner left this place?” A male voice asks.
“If I remember correctly, he simply vanished a few months ago. No one knows what happened to him. I really wouldn’t worry about it.” The female voice answers and the blood in my veins freezes as I feel cold air touching my neck…

Thanks for reading \m/^^\m/

Meet Nathan (Male Main Character from Grim)

Meet Nathan (Male Main Character from Grim)


 Meet The Characters of Grim (working Title)

Hello everyone. I have something new for you. This time, it’s a meet the characters of Grim

I want to present you some of the main and supporting characters from my book, which is pretty far in its development cycle (I still need to edit half of the chapters).

I’ll give you a short bio and one or two snippets out of my book, to introduce each character (but only a tiny bit, because I don’t want to spoil much).

This time, I’ll present you Nathan, the male main character and his struggle in a post-apocalyptic world. This time, I’ll give you a first look at the first half of the third chapter by the way. So, please enjoy the small snippet (warning not 100% edited)  \m/^^\m/


Meet Nathan


Nathan is a man in his 40s. He’s a sometimes grumpy, cynical and introverted person. The world as we know it changed. The climate altered drastically and an epidemic, which turned humans into bloodthirsty mutants, killed over half of humanity (no, it’s not a zombie apocalypse btw.)

Unable to live amongst too many people, he stays away from the few congested cities. Instead he lives with a few other people in a small settlement in the Catskill Mountains.

Resources are scarce. Because of this, he grows plants in the backyard of his old family’s summer-house.

For many years he lived with the thread of mutants and scavengers and only had to care for himself. But during a cloudy, rainy day, a strange, young woman and her escort arrives at his door.


Chapter 3 (Snippet)


Unwanted Visitors


The clothes of the three are soaked with rainwater, but that doesn’t seem to bother the old man and the old woman. Only the freckled girl seems pretty uncomfortable. She repeatedly wipes away the rain from her face and her brown hair which peeps out of the hood from her red hoodie. The slender figure stands right before me, with a questioning look. That’s a clever idea, to send her first. I think I couldn’t hurt her. Even if she would attack me, I would find a way to not kill her at least. This must be a trap and what was this shadow thingy in my backyard? I better speed this whole thing up a bit, so I can watch TV again and have my quiet.

   “Where is the other person that was in my backyard?” I ask all three with my best grumpy voice.  There must have been a person on my property. I mean, I might have gone a bit paranoid during the years of loneliness, but I am far from having a pile of mashed potatoes in my head.

   “Honestly, there’s no one else around, I swear.” The freckled young woman answers, while rain drips from the tips of her wet, brown hair.

Something about her irritates me. She reminds me of someone I knew back in the better days, but I can’t find out who it was.

I chew nervously on the inner sides of my cheeks while I think about this topic. Gah, dammit, this doesn’t matter now! I still have to find out, what the three really want. Hmm, the young woman doesn’t share many similarities with the other two, much older disruptive elements. Whatever, many kids don’t look that much like their parents.

I nod to the two older people, “You are from Quebec, right?!” I ask in an even rougher tone than the one I use for the freckled woman and point at both of them with my shotgun. I am so ready to shoot their brains through the back of their heads just in case that they make a false move. But on the other hand, I’ve never seen scavengers using children as bait. I only heard some rumors about it.

   “Yes, yes we are from Quebec indeed and our daughter… well she just wanted to talk to someone else, than us. I mean, we drove around for many hours and she got bored and… you know how kids are. Am I right?” The older, bald man with a greyish, full beard laughs. I really know how kids could be at times, from my little brother back in the days. Good, long forgotten times. But this topic better should not distract me. Ok Nathan, a little bit more concentration now.

   “Hmm, but you know that it’s very dangerous to let a cute young lady talk to strangers in such a secluded area, right?” I ask and observe the reaction of all three. I really don’t know, but I have a bad feeling about this. The stuff the old man talks, doesn’t make sense to me.

   “Oh yes, but we thought that nobody this crazy would live here in this beautiful little settlement.” The oldie grins and I can see his left eyebrow twitching. I look at the older woman with my tired eyes and see that she seems a bit stressed right now. Are they thinking that I’m a killer? Are they really just a nice little family?

   “I, by the way can take care of myself pretty well. I… I mean I’m not a baby.” The freckled woman answers without being asked. She just stands there, watching at her own feet and holds her arms crossed. A little bit like a stubborn kid. But something else seems very suspicious to me right now. She always looks back to the two older persons and plays with the zipper of her thin, black vest from time to time which covers her rain-soaked red hoodie.

Maybe, if I really tell them the direction to the next restaurant, they’ll simply go away and leave me alone? This conversation took too much of my time already and I finally want my quiet. Hmm, and maybe the whole gun thing is way over the top for the little woman and the other two travellers? That might also have caused the strange behaviour of the three. Yeah, I’m just a jerk and don’t know much about human behaviour and it doesn’t get better the older I become.  OK, I think I better lower my gun completely and just hold it in my right hand. I inhale a deep breath of the humid, near tropical air, scratch the back of my head, lower my gun and give them the answer they wanted, “Ok, so you wanted to know the nearest restaurant, right? Well if you follow this street, then at the next junction you must turn left, drive about ten miles and then you’ll reach a pretty small village. There are plenty… I mean two restaurants which are really hard to miss. And… sorry for the gun thing, I’m a bit paranoid.”

   “Oh, no problem kind sir, it’s okay. I would have done the same I think and thank you very much for the information.” The old man answers and raises his right hand but I don’t answer his gesture. Instead I simply turn around. From the corner of my eyes I can see that the three finally get ready to turn around too. Finally they leave me alone now. It somehow feels good to help, even though it’s just a small piece of information. If they would have been scavengers, my gun would have scared them off most likely. On the other hand, if they would have been scavengers, they most likely had attacked me by now. Hmm, something feels weird, as if someone is watching me. I hear that the old man harrumphs. Oh no, I guess that the oldie wants to say something else to me. I turn around one more time, facing him this time. He stands a fair bit nearer to the young woman now and stares at me.

   “What is it now?” I ask him unnerved.

   “We got only one more question if I’m allowed to?” The old guy says. Strangely smiling he reveals yellowish teeth behind his thin lips.

   “Go ahead, what is it?” I ask him, already tired from all this conversations.

I notice that the young woman looks up to me and then slightly to her right, as if she wants to tell me something with her gestures. But the old guy already answers before I can figure out what she means.

   “Are those apple trees in your garden? My friend isn’t sure about that. He’s a bit simple.” The older man asks with a deeper voice than before and an eerie grinning appears on his leathery face.

   “What? How do you know? Friend?” I ask and try to raise my weapon. A huge, dark shadow, as fast as lightning, comes running at me from my left, through the rhododendron shrubs. Leaves and branches are flying around. Then the huge shadow hits me with some sort of two by four. The blast is unbelievably heavy and I nearly faint. For a split second my view fades to black. I feel how I fall inside my house and on the ground. My shotgun rolls over the wooden, clammy floor. The young woman shrieks for a second, before I hear the old man yelling at her. My view clears a bit and I see the huge shadow, which hit me, standing over me. He raises his hands, holding a large two by four. Rusty nails are sticking out of one of the sides. Fortunately this wasn’t the side he hit me the first time with. I instinctively kick him in the nuts, because I know that I can’t win a direct battle against such a hulk. The bulky man squirms and grunts angry, not letting loose from his archaic weapon. Without hesitation I crawl over the floor as fast as I can. After just a few meters, I realize that blood runs down my left temple and starts to drip on the parquet beneath me.

   “Fuck I knew it! Fucking scavenger pack! I should have shot you bastards from the beginning!” I shout and can finally grab my shotgun. The big guy nears me, grunting and snorting, but this time, I am the faster one.


Blam! A shot from my weapon hits the big guy right in his stomach.


He grunts, huffs and tumbles, but no blood seeps through his now ripped clothes.

   “Dammit, a bullet-proof vest!” I snort, reload, aim again and shoot him right into the ugly head.

His brain, blood and fragments of yellowish-white skull-bones splash against the jalousies before his heavy body lands on the wooden floor, with a rumbling noise.

   “Shit, I’ll have to clean the floor later.” I mumble, stand up, reload my weapon and walk over the twitching, headless body.

   “Who’s next? First come, first serve!” I yell through closed teeth as aggressively as I can.

   “You… you sick bastard!” The older guy shouts back and immediately shoots at me.


To be continued…. (many things will happen during the story and the characters will change a bit too – of course)


Picture drawn by myself (it’s a fairly quick doodle).


Aliens: The Orb (2000 words short story)

Hey there! This is my second short story (done within a very short amount of time). I’d like to call it a speed story :p ….. Ok, that was bad -.- Well, there it is and as always, I used the famous spell check tool and the ms word grammar checking tool to terminate most errors in this text…. but I still think, that both tools somehow don’t work. As a side note, this might be the second last short story, that I’ll release, before I’ll finish my first two books by the end of April (“The Pessimist” and “Grim”, but both are just working titles). I hope you’ll enjoy this little horror (?) short story. Btw, my books will be much more edited and of course a lot longer (who would have thought it?) \m/^^\m/


Aliens: The Orb





They’re running, through dark, clammy corridors and some round shaped chambers. It’s been an eternity since they last looked back. No time to rest, their muscles are burning under sweat soaked, cold clothes. Their small shoulder mounted flashlights are illuminating only a short segment of the path that lies before them. Bone-like structures are covering the uncharted, endless tunnels.

The paces of their steps are getting slower, heavy breathing fills the otherwise silent corridors.

Abruptly, one silhouette stops, holding his chest.

   “Dammit Gordon, you showed us the wrong way you fucking idiot!” A mid-sized older man yells at his comrade.

   “Shut up Mitch, it’s your fault why we are here in the first place, or did you forget that already, old-timer!” The tall, slender man yells back, while his eyes are searching the tunnels.

   “Could you two please shut the fuck up? They’ll be hearing us if you two don’t stop shouting like two male moose during their breeding season!” A mid-sized female grunts at the two wranglers, in her hands she holds a pistol.

The others are carrying pistols too and only a bulky, bald guy carries a huge, heavy looking machinegun.

   “All be quiet!” The bald guy says, his eyes glistening, his lips dry and a huge, gaping wound on his left muscular arm, that still bleeds into his greenish jumpsuit.

   “What’s with your arm Will?” The woman asks, still looking for what may lie before or behind them in the dark.

   “The air humidity won’t let it dry, it seems.” He answers, his weapon in an iron grip.

   “Oh yeah, only he as issues right, Serenity!? My back is killing be!” Mitch splutters.

   “Unfortunately, I don’t think that I’m that lucky.” Serenity answers in a serious tone.

Crack! A sudden sound, behind the four people, catches their attention.

   “Behind us!” Gordon yells and the four of them swirl around to the back, weapons raised, with their fingers on the triggers.

   “Die, spawns of the devil!” Gordon screams in a high pitched tone.

Blam! Gordon shoots at a human- like silhouette in the far distance. The muzzle flash illuminates the wet surfaces of the tunnels. The armor piercing round hits one concave wall and bounces into another one.

   “Stop it!” Serenity shouts and grabs Gordons pistol while looking in his fearful eyes.

   “Stop it, calm down!” She repeats.

Gordon nods and stares at the silhouette that’s holding up his hands.

   “Gu… guys? A… are you the last ones? Is this all what’s left?” The Silhouette whispers. A flash of light touches the face of a shaking man.

   “Yes Tim, we are the last ones, sorry to say this.” Will answers.

   “Then… then we are all lost.” Tim snivels. His clothes are soaked with foul stinking water and some clear, chewy slime. The stank of battery acid surrounds him and under a provisional bound, which is made of one of his sleeves, the others can see, that a big part of his right hand is missing. Blood is dripping down the floor and into little holes, where also streams of water disappear.

   “Time for my meds.” Tim sobs and out of one of his belt bags, he takes a bunch of greyish tablets.

   “You… you want some too?” He asks, but the others refuse.

Serenity meanwhile scans the surrounding, but nothing can be seen. No suspicious sounds, no glisten in the distance that would tell her, that they might have to fight again.

   “Tim?” She asks, while Tim swallows a handful of pain relievers.

   “Y… yes Serenity, what is it?” Tim responds, a bit more relaxed, while water is dripping on his shoulders.

   “Good stuff, isn’t it? Now you are thankful, that my company creates stuff like that huh?” Mitch says.

   “Would you kindly, just shut the fuck up? Just for once!?” Serenity grunts.

   “Whoa, ok ok. No need to be bitchy.” Mitch snarls and looks grinning at Will, but Will doesn’t react to the smaller, elder person.

   “Ok Tim. First, how can you still be alive and secondly, where did you come from? There’s not been one intersection for the last few miles. Soooo, how could you follow us so fast, or did we run in circles?” Serenity asks and cocks her eyebrows

   “No way, we left a beacon at every intersection that we crossed.” Gordon adds and Serenity nods slowly.

   “You guys won’t believe me. I ran like hell. That’s all. After one of those smaller freaks chewed off half of my hand hehehe, they simply let go. And so I ran and I ran and bam, I fell on the ground, hit my head and when I woke up, I saw you guys from behind. Hehe, and Will, damn you have a fat ass… and um, I dunno, that’s all I remember…” The painkillers seem to work extremely well and Tim gets more and more relaxed.

   “Oh man, that doesn’t make sense. We haven’t been in this tunnel before. So, where the hell did you spawn from?” Gordon says and stomps on the ribcage-like floor, like an angry kid would do.

   “Enough with this stupid chit chat! I have a real question for you, Tim.” Mitch interrupts Gordon and nears the still bleeding, and confused Tim.

   “Ok, listen Tim. I have only one, but very very important question for you. Do you read me?”

   “Get cracking!” Tim answers, points at Mitch and mimics a gun with his one, still intact hand.

   “Yeah, yeah. Very funny my old friend. But now, where is the orb?” Mitch asks, nervously rubbing his neck.

   “Orb? What the fuck is an orb?” Tim, who seemingly had way too many pain relievers, asks.

   “Jeez! Ok, I mean the orb, the small, but heavy round shaped object?” Mitch explains, but Tim doesn’t seem to understand.

   “Well, the… the ball. You know? The small, greenish ball with the metal engravings…. The…” Mitch gets interrupted by Tim who makes a farting noise with his mouth.

   “Hahaha, I was just kidding you old, greedy man. Here, I still have it. And nevermore call me your friend, you bastard!” He murmurs, dips into his jumpsuits pocket and flings an orb, the size of a grapefruit, on the ground.

   “No, what are you doing you fool. This orb is worth more than you could ever imagine!” Mitch shouts and elevates the pretty heavy orb.

   “You asshole wanted me to die in there!” Tim shouts and nears Mitch.

   “I have no idea, what you are talking about.” Mitch answers, holding his left hand with his pistol up in the air, while holding the orb in his right hand.

   “Oh, you know very well what I mean you greedy company ass. I’m done with you “old friend”. Pah!” Tim spits on the ground and reels.

Mitch doesn’t seem to listen to his old friend anymore. The only thing, that seems to matter for him now, is the beautifully crafted, partially translucent orb.

   “Man, what a soap opera. Now let us get the hell outta here!” Gordon says and starts moving again. Mitch follows him by the foot and Will and Serenity also start walking again.

Only Tim shuffles around a bit behind the group.

   “Um, Serenity?” Tim asks and holds his head.

   “Yeah, what is it?” She says, while she observes the surrounding.

   “You, you hehehe, you asked me, who brought me to here in this tunnel?”

   “Yeah, you still haven’t answered my question.”

   “I think , I remember who helped me getting to your position.” He whispers.

   “Who could have helped you? We are the last ones, do you remember?” Gordon answers. A bit puzzled all are looking back at Tim, who stands about 85 feet away from the group.

   “Tim? Everything alright?” Serenity asks. The flashlights barely illuminate Tim in his ragged jumpsuit. Tim just stands there, giggling like crazy and rubbing his face with his bandaged hand.

   “Folks, something’s wrong with Tim. Come help me.” Serenity says but only Will follows her and nears Tims position, while Gordon and Mitch just watch what, might happen next.

   “Ok buddy, now come with me. We’ll help you.” Will says and nears Tim, who’s still giggling.

   “Tim, what’s so funny man? Come here, I’ll give you a…” But Will suddenly stops, raising his clumsy looking machine gun. The nearly flat battery of the mounted machine-gun-flashlight reveals the absolute horror.

   “Will, what is it?” Serenity asks and tries to approach Tim, but Will is blocking her way with his broad shoulders.

   “Stay back Serenity! And Tim, please come closer to me and make a step to your right.”

Tim doesn’t seem to listen to Will and Serenity. Instead he starts to giggle even louder.

But then he abruptly stops, raises his head and starts to howl.

   “There’s no way out. This complex here has been abandoned for millennia and all that’s left, is death.” He whispers while tears start running down his cheeks.

   “Tim! Get out of the way!” Will shouts, aiming behind the Tims howling silhouette.

   “Too late bud! The demons brought me here… I heard them whisper in my dreams…” Tim whispers.


   “Noo!” Will screams but refuses to fire.

   “What? Oh my god!” Serenity shouts, her eyes widen in shock.

Tims body starts to twitch as crackling noises inside his body emerge. Blood spurts out of his mouth. Still alive he gargles. His own blood fills his lungs. Six slimy, black, glistening and pipe-like shapes showing off behind him. Demon-like hands are clutching on his shoulders, piercing his flesh under the thick suit. Then, a last crackling noise emerges and Tim stops to gargle immediately. The huge, black, bluish creature stands by four feet higher than its victim. An elongated, partly translucent head turns toward the shocked little group of people. Thin lips rolling up and reveal metallic, razor sharp teeth. Slowly the creature opens its strong jaws, capable of chewing through skin, flesh, bones and even the armor of colonial marines. Another set of jaws appears and growls while saliva drips from the tip of the teeth.

Hissss! The nightmarish creature behind Tim hisses as its bony tail finally rips with enormous force through the dead man’s body. The tail exits through the mouth, punching out teeth and ripping away half of Tims face.

   “This one’s different.” Mitch comments with a wide opened mouth, seemingly fascinated.

   “Shoot it!” Will shouts.

The smart creature understands and throws the bloody, lifeless bag of meat and bones at the four humans. Tims corpse lands on the floor, right under Wills nose, with a crushing noise.

Armor piercing shots are fired once again through the abandoned, ancient facility. But not even one shot pierces the enormous target. The monstrosity withdraws, faster than any living thing ever seen by mankind, into the darkness.

   “Is it gone?” Mitch shouts, shaking and nervously looking around.

   “I think so.” Will answers, still holding his rifle up.

   “What was that? This isn’t one of the beasts we saw earlier!” Serenity asks breathless.


Before the four can start a little chatter Wills flashlight-beam reveals an army of silvery teeth in the dark. Countless arms and tails are pushing forward and snapping jaws are eager for fresh flesh.

   “Shoot them all. Gordon and Mitch, you must watch the other side!” Will shouts and fires the first shots again. Holes are punched in thick exoskeletons, ripping away tissue and arms.

Pop! The head from one creature explodes. Its acid-blood defiles the whole place. Smoke rapidly fills the corridor. The creatures start running up the walls, along the ceiling and are heading straight up to their biggest thread. Their main goal is always, to kill the strongest individual first.

   “They’re going for Will!” Serenity shouts while she dismembers some of the creatures.

   “We are at it!” Gordon grunts, but something emerges from the other end of the tunnel, pushing him and Mitch aside into the walls.

From the corner of her eye, Serenity notices two tall, pale giants with some sort of device in their hands….




The Alien oil painting was done by myself and sadly I photographed it under bad conditions (the lighting isn’t really optimal where I photographed it…. in other words, the lighting is really sh*tty -__-). It’s a pretty tall picture btw 🙂



Winter Horror ? (Short Story 913 Words)

Hey there! I promised to release a short story today and here it is. It was done within about three-quarters of an hour and this time I used spell check for correcting (I don’t think that it worked -_-). Anyway, here it is and enjoy (?)…. I doubt it to be honest ;p

Oh and look, there is another oil painting I did a while ago (I thought it might fit the story and so I use it here as a mood picture).


Winter Terror ?



Darkness came early today and only some streetlights are illuminating the empty streets. Parked cars are gathering snow.  Every now and then a lone figure shows up in some alley, hurrying to their warm and welcoming home.

Meanwhile, a little outside of town, at the border of a sinister, deep forest the residents of the suburbs are already preparing for the night.

It’s a beautiful evening and everything seems peaceful like every day. But in the far distance, a small set of bright lights appear over the forests treetops.

The lights are rapidly growing bigger as they approach the little suburb with an eerie speed. Then, all of a sudden they stop. Just a little over six miles away from the first houses they start to descend between the trees. The lights vanish and humming, silvery, round shaped vehicles are visible under the pale moonlight. Some geometrical, bluish glowing shapes covering the rough surfaces. A few inches above the snow covered, deeply frozen ground three legs appear at the bottom of each vehicle and finally they touch ground.

Snow whirls around before the humming engines finally shut down. A round door opens at the supposed front on each object. A ramp shoves down into the snow and black silhouettes are leaving through the brightly illuminated entrances.

Growling the creatures communicate with each other, pointing at the direction of the suburbs. One of them seems to laugh and grunt at the others before they are making their way through the snow. Their rough skin shines under the moon, just like their weird looking, nearly non-existent armor. Grunting and snorting they finally reach the suburbs. With the snow silently crunching under their flat, big feet, they sneak near the first set of fences. Through the nearby windows they can see their prey walking and sitting around some houses. The creatures, while they are assessing the situation, aren’t bothered about the cold weather. In fact, it seems like it is ideal for those beings. Fast they separate in groups of four to hunt their prey.


In the meantime a family is sitting in front of their bright telly and everybody seems to joke around. No one seems to notice, that a few shadows are running in front of the windows in search for an opportunity to enter the house.


The group of strange monsters searches for an entrance, silently growling. Soon they all will dine on the flesh of their soft looking victims.

   “Hrrr!” One of the beings growls as it sees an opened window. It is only opened a bit and so the invader slowly pushes the window open even more. Just a second later, the predators can enter the warm house. The coldness slowly vanishes and the warmth of the house greets them. Somehow the smell in here is familiar for them. But they can’t remember where they last encountered it.

   “Urrr!” Another one of the beings grunts. The warmth is more than they can take. The slippery surface, on which they stand on, shines under the moonlight. Through the nearby, slightly opened, wooden door shines some candlelight and muffled laughs from the family are audible.

The beings are so near to their prey, they almost can smell the tender flesh, but the heat is too much for them.

   “Gurr!” The leader of the pack grunts, but just before the four intruders can escape the warmth, the window suddenly shut down. The four monsters, in panic, are trying to open the window, while their bodies are heating more and more.

   “Honey, please look what happened in the kitchen and take a broom with you, just in case it is another raccoon.” The beings hear a high pitched voice say, but they don’t understand what it means. They’re getting dizzy and then the heat is literally killing them. One by one they drop down. Fast their bodies begin to dry out and within seconds the spook is over.

The door opens with a grating noise. A father, followed by his young son, is entering the kitchen, switches on the light looks around, in his hand an old broom.

   “It was only the window. It has shut down itself it seems.” The man says, putting the broom aside the light switch.

   “Ok honey, come back then. The movie continues.” His wife responds.

   “Ok, we will be right back.”

But, the man notices something in front of him, near the window. The freshly baked gingerbread men, his wife made a few hours ago. His son nears the tablet with the rich decorated humanoid shaped cookies.

   “Dad, look! Mom did some bigger ones with some kind of Halloween decoration.” The son says with a big grin.

   “Ok, you can have one, but you must brush your teeth before you go to bed. Ok?”

   “Ok dad.” The son grabs one of the bigger, strangely decorated gingerbread men and bites in it.

   “Oh wow, they have some kind of crunch in them and… and there’s a filling inside them too. You must taste one of those!” The son smiles and takes another big bite.

   “Hmm, mommy didn’t tell me, that she made some of those.” The father responds, grabs one of the big gingerbread men and some of the green filling drops down onto the floor while he bites into it.

   “Mmh, definitely gooseberry. Ok, now back to mom.” The father says, and leaves the kitchen with his son, still munching the corpses of the former monsters. 



Thanks for reading. My books are different from this short story btw ; (my books are also more edited and of course way longer duh XD). 

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Ok, awkward but also somehow exciting situation. Two days ago, the lovely Ema Thayer asked me via Twitter, if I might be interested in writing an author interview for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. I wasn’t sure what it meant or how it might work… and I still don’t know exactly how it does. Seriously, I’m getting so mad that I must yell at my chair. But none the less, I’ll present you (four) people out there, my entry for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (I like writing it, it looks kind of official). 


10 Questions: The Next Big Thing Blog Hop


1. What is the title of your work in progress?


I actually still don’t have a definite title, but it will most likely be called “Grim”. Short and simple, like my attention span… oh look a fluff.


2. Where did the idea come from for the book?


I had already written some other books (still working on those) and wanted to write something entirely dark and gritty. Then I re-watched Children of Men, The Crazies, plus I saw some disturbing (interesting though) reports about some parasites and the growth of humankind and what might happen to us in the near future. I said near, but I don’t think that it’ll happen “that” soon. You know what “it” is? No?

3. What genre does your book fall under?


It’s post-apocalyptic fiction with strong horror elements.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?


I indeed had some actresses and actors in mind, while I wrote my book. I’d like to see Liev Schreiber, Ellen Page, Nathan Fillion and Jennifer Connelly in the main roles.

5. What is a one-sentence synopsis of the book?


Nathan, a lonesome man, finds a new hope and a life changing task in a bleak and deadly world.

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?


I hope, that my book/s will get published the “traditional” way (but hopefully without the need of an agent). Yes, sometimes I’m a bit of a megalomaniac (time to eat my 12 day old, moldy bread and drink my rainwater. JK 😉   ).

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript.


The first draft was only 2500 words long and was released by myself under a different title on Trigger Street Labs. Now it’s nearly 50 000 words long and I don’t know, how long it’ll be in the end.

8. What other books would you compare this story to in your genre


Hmm, good one. I haven’t read any post-apocalyptic stories that might be comparable to my book (sadly, otherwise I could have stolen some ideas from them, muahaha oh I mean I could have gotten more inspiration).

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?


Many factors inspired me. Be it the daily news, scientific reports, movies and/or games. But most of my inspiration comes from the idea of creating a really gritty, dark book with just a tiny pinch of humor in it. Plus I had to write something very grim, after my work on my other books (they all have a pretty strong element of humor in them… at times, but that’s another story). I also wanted to write this book, because I simply like to entertain people with what I create. I can’t wait to see if this will be the case with “Grim”, but I sure had/have a hell of a lot fun writing it.

10. What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?


If you like dark, gritty, really bloody books that show the dark and the bright side of humanity, then this might be something for you. But don’t await all characters to survive the trip from the foggy, humid forests in the Catskill Mountains to the west coast.

And as a side note, if you like a few pictures in books (sometimes they can create a great mood), then “Grim” might be something for you too, because I create the cover and chapter specific pictures myself. You’ll find the pictures at the beginning of some chapters by the way.

Include the link of when tagged you and this explanation for the people you have tagged.


Ema Thayer tagged me on Twitter. Please visit her there and please also read her The Next Big Thing Blog post . Do, it, now, or , else… you won’t get the cookie (it’s a chocolate chip cookie).

Oh and I tagged Tammy Salyer , Rashad Pharaon …. so far. I hope to suggest some more and I hope that both will write something about their books.

Oil paintings (done by myself)

Hi there. From now on, I’ll present you a new oil painting made by myself, every week (sometimes two perhaps). And because this is my first blog post about oil paintings, I’ll show you three oil paintings (this is only a pretty small part of what I like to paint/draw etc.) and now I hope that you’ll enjoy them. BUT… before you take a look, I have to apologize for the awful lighting (the light reflections from my camera-flash are killing me :p  ).

1 Mountain Landscape

Just a little side note. This is the very first oil painting that I finished (I don’t count the one that I made in school……12 years ago -.-).


2 Los Angeles (sundown – smog edition 😉  ).


3 Tree (yes, just tree, deal with it 😉  ).


Well, that’s it for now. Next week, I’ll show you a few strange plant paintings.

Higher quality photos from my Norway trip (October 2012)

Here are just a few photos from my Norway trip (October 2012). I want to present you a few photos in a higher resolution (the ones in my blog entry from yesterday are extremely compressed). And now, I hope you’ll enjoy the “new” photos.



Boyabreen glacier




View from the Boyabreen glacier (opposite direction).



In the woods near Kaupanger.



Stave church in Kaupanger.



Opposite view from the Nigardsbreen glacier.





Nigardsbreen glacier (well, a very small part of it :p ).


Review for Stone Sour – House Of Gold And Bones (album)

As a big fan of Stone Sour I was of course very curious, if this album would turn out to be as great as their other albums. Yes I really liked Audio Secrecy, even though it was a pretty slow album, but I like slower music too, so this wasn’t a big issue. This time though they delivered a pretty hard sounding but at the same time enormously melodic and diverse sounding album. From metal, to hard rock and ballads, you’ll find everything on this first part of a two part concept album.

And here are some short descriptions of the eleven songs which can be found on House Of Gold And Bones.

1 Gone Sovereign = The first single/video. It’s awesomely melodic metal with amazing drums and it’s one of my favorites on this album. Could also be from Slipknot’s All Hope is Gone (only in some minor parts though).

2 Absolute Zero = An “Absolute – ly” amazing song with a great chorus and definitely a massive earworm with great vocals.

3 A Rumor Of Skin = Definitely a song I can bang my head to, just like the first songs. Here you’ll find a pretty great chorus too.

4 The Travelers, PT.1 = Cool ballad with bowed instruments (sounds like they used bowed instruments). I would like to hear this song while driving on a highway in California/Nevada or whatever.

5 Tired = Definitely one of the best Stone Sour Songs ever in my humble opinion. It combines awesome vocals, very melodic and at the same time very powerful music to a true masterpiece.

6 RU486 = The maybe hardest song on this album, and once again one song that you could find on a Slipknot album (partly). It is none the less very melodic, just like every other song on this sound carrier (yes I bought the CD and not the digital copy \m/).

7 My Name Is Allen = OK, this song could be found on Come What(ever) May too, sound wise. It’s a medium paced song with powerful vocals (I somehow get a Disturbed vibe in some parts which is weird, but awesome, as it shows the unbelievably big range of Corey Taylors voice/vocals even more).

8 Taciturn = Amazing ballad. It’s powerful with a lot of acoustic guitar, diverse in sound (The beginning gives me a Silent Hill/Akira Yamaoka vibe = amazing).

9 Influence Of A Drowsy God = Nice song, diverse again with some electronic parts.

10 The Travelers, PT. 2 = The second part of The Travelers (duh XD ). The “The Traveler” songs are both amazing and are proving once again, that Stone Sour is capable of so many different music styles.

11 Last of the Real = Strong bass, diverse vocals from Taylor again. Simply an awesome song for Stone Sour fans. Sadly this is the also the last song on this album (daddy needs Part 2 of House Of Gold And Bones as soon as possible – starts to shiver).

Closing comments

I awaited another great Stone Sour album but then…. BOOOMMM!!!! Stone Sour creates one of the most diverse sounding melodic hard rock/metal albums ever. To be honest, this album blew me away and I can’t wait for the second part of House Of Gold And Bones when it lands in early 2013. Well, at least if the big, pink yellow checkered hippo with its evil monocle doesn’t destroy the earth on December 21 st XD

My final  closing comment is = If you somehow like extremely melodic hard rock/metal music and ballads, then you should give it a try. Songs I would recommend listening to before purchasing it, are.

1 Absolute Zero

2 Taciturn

3 Tired

And the whole rest (seriously, it’s an amazing album)…… Oh and I won’t rate it, because I got rid of the rating system when I wrote my Prometheus review, but I guess you can see, that I’m completely pleased with this album. Btw, that I listened to it for the 10 th time in 2 1/2 days should show you, that it’s really damn good \m/^^\m/ The album was released here on October 19th and should be available on October 22nd in America too if I remember rightly. Oh and one last thing. When I say that a song from this album could be found on a Slipknot album then it’s mainly because of Corey Taylors distinctive voice (especially when he uses the screams you mainly await on a Slipknot album). But with this album they (Stone Sour) moved even further away from Slipknot and they are showing once more that this band is a package full of wonders (music-wise).

Rock on \m/^^\m/


Picture source =,r:16,s:0,i:120&tx=54&ty=57

Man, that’s a damn long address…. -_____-

Eckernförde, Kiel and more

Hello everyone, or whoever remembers me. I am back from a rather long hiatus. Sadly I haven’t found enough time to write over the last few months. I “suffered” from writers block or in general I wasn’t able to be creative. The past one and a half years were full of some personal/family issues and my job didn’t help either.

Now I am back and I hope to upload new blog posts regularly, plus I’ll start to write some query letters for my book again. I still need an agent for said book, which is called Grim. It seems like a never ending story to me to be honest.

And now, I’ll finally tell you, what this blog post will be mainly about.


This first new blog post will be about my hometown Eckernförde and the town where I work most of the time, which is called Kiel. I’ll also show you some of the lovely areas near Eckernförde. By the way I am pretty often in Hamburg and I love this city, but I’ll write about it in a later blog post.

Now back to Eckernförde and Kiel.

Both towns are located in the state Schleswig Holstein which is the most northern state of Germany. Please don’t worry. I won’t talk about the history of both towns. Especially for Eckernförde and Borby I wrote some historical papers, which you can purchase at the town museum in Eckernförde. In fact, I uploaded one part here on WordPress a couple of months ago. I mainly want to show you some impressions of both towns and tell you just a little bit about what you see in those pictures.

And now shall we begin our little tour.



First of all, most of the following photos were taken during fall and all of them were shot in 2016. You will find a small explanatory text under every set of photos.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here you can see the beach. In fact Eckernförde has quite a few beaches. You can find one while leaving Eckernförde, when you drive to Kiel. There’s also the Eckernförder beach which comes before the one that I mentioned before. On the other side of the bay you can visit the Borby beach, which is a little smaller but I prefer this one to be honest, because it isn’t as crowded as the other two.

By the way, you can only see the Eckernförde beach in the photos. I also wanted to show you the Eckernförde harbour which was redesigned a few years ago. Now it looks much cleaner. I’d love to show you some old photos, but I couldn’t find them. There are also some impressions from the town centre, including some rather old buildings.

I might write a second article about Eckernförde, but so far this is all I can share with you.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This beautiful lake can be found just a few minutes away from Eckernförde, when you drive by car. Here you can hike, bath, camp and have a nice barbecue especially in the summer. The two small villages near the western side of the lake are called Groß (big) Wittensee and Klein (small) Wittensee. I have not much else to say about it and hope that you like the photos.



Kiel is the capital of Schleswig Holstein and here I also studied at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The city was almost completely destroyed during World War 2 and because of that, you won’t find many old buildings. By the way, Eckernförde was a lot luckier and you can find some beautiful old buildings there. There are not nearly as many old buildings in Eckernförde as in Lübeck but you will find some nice ones there too. Some of the photos here show the bay area of Kiel, the old town hall near a small lake and a small portion of the inner-city.


That’s it for now. I hope that you like this short blog post and I really hope to be able to upload new blog posts regularly, from now on.

I wish you all a great and beautiful day.


All photos were taken by Sidney Oliver Brehm in 2016 (the author of this blog post) with an old Sony M4 Aqua smartphone.





Some of my paintings (old and new)

Hello again.

This time, I want to present you some of my new ond old paintings. Well some of them are already a few months old and I forgot to share them online. Some of these paintings (most of them) are now on Twitter and Deviantart, but I also want to show them here. For more paintings and tattoo-design-ideas, please visit my Twitter and Deviantart accounts.


Sci Fi Landscape 2


vortex 2

Framed Landscape 2

For more paintings (made by me) and sometimes silly stuff, you can visit my following accounts 😉

My Twitter =

My Deviantart =

See You all later \m/^^\m/

Coffee? Yes, please!

When I woke up this morning and made myself a huge cup of coffee, my mood was already fantastic.

The sun shone and created sparkling reflections on the surface of the dark and steamy beverage.

Then I tripped and spilled a huge load (in a not sexually way) of my beloved coffee.

After that I cried for about 5 minutes. Just kidding….. I cried for an hour.

Okay, I didn’t cry and I didn’t spill my coffee. I just wanted a nice starter, for my boring coffee story.

I simply love this dark beverage but I actually never drank much of it for a long time. A few years ago, when I was smaller… well, I was always small, so let’s say, when I was younger, I regularly drank one or two cups in a month. Not much, huh?! Well, this was before I visited the USA, back in 2013. For more information about that, read my post about my LA/California vacation, if you like (I know that you want to read it).

Since then I probably drank enough coffee, to fill an Olympic qualification standard swimming pool.

I think it has to do with me, being nostalgic about that visit, plus I really started to love the taste of coffee. By the way, I really mean that I LOVE the taste of coffee. My Brother and I would always buy a morning coffee or sometimes a different beverage from the Starbucks that sits next to Albertsons in Calabasas. It became a routine, but I really liked it. Before that visit, I only liked to drink coffee from time to time, like I said a few sentences before.

Since then, I drank my coffee in various coffee shops (including the only Starbucks in northern Germany).

For me it is weird that there is only one Starbucks, in northern Germany (in Kiel, to be precise) and then you’ll only find a whole bunch of them in Hamburg again.

Anyways, coffee and its various forms are my warm/hot beverage of choice, followed by chai latte and I don’t want to miss them now.

Did I mention that I really like to drink my coffee, while I write and paint…. like almost any other person, who does the same? Mind = blown (loud BOOM sound).

The next blog posts will be about book stuff, music, my tattoo designs and my acrylic paintings 😉

Whatever, this was my own little story about how I started to love coffee at the “late” age of 27 years XD

Thanks for reading and as always, I’ll see you in the next post or daily on Twitter \m/^^\m/

5 of the best female singers (imo)

Yes, it is time for a new, music related post.

Today I’ll show you some (5) of my favourite female singers. Most of the songs are from the metal, indie, alternative and rock genres. I also warn you all that some lyrics/official videos aren’t for kids.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do \m/^^\m/

The Pretty Reckless

Make Me Wanna Die –

Just Tonight –

Zombie –

Mary Elizabeth Mc Glynn

Love Psalm –

Silent Scream –

Hell Frozen Rain –


Mother (Danzig Cover) –

Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover) –

They All Want You –

Evanescence (Amy Lee)

What You Want –

Everybody’s Fool –

Call Me When You’re Sober –

The Agonist (Alissa White Gluz)

Feel No Guilt –

Thank You Pain –

And Their Eulogies Sang Me To Sleep –

Thanks for listening and watching.

See you all later \m/^^\m/

Too Many Projects – Time Management

Just a very quick update about a problem that we all encountered… maybe. Well, at least I did.

Following my last post here, I have to stress to you all that you shouldn’t work on too many projects at once. At some point in the past, I worked on maybe ten different projects at once and oh boy, it didn’t pay off. I had a very poor time-management, until I got my sh*t together at the beginning of this year and put a few projects on hold. After I learned this the hard way, I finally concentrated only on Grim and some personal stuff, which isn’t relevant here. Only a few weeks later, I finished Grim, to the point, where I now think that I can present it to publishers and agents (I wrote about this topic in my last post).

This is the reason, why my book has been in the works for eons and I kind of hate myself a little bit, for realizing that late that I can’t write ten books/screenplays at once. But It would be pretty rad, if I would be able to do so, I think 😉

Well, now I concentrate on getting a publisher or an agent, for my book and hope for the best (fingers crossed).

Meanwhile, I write on only 3 other projects, which is doable. If I get a publisher, then I’ll probably have to work on Grim again and I’ll gladly do so. By the way, don’t forget that I have a normal day-job too (like many other “small” writers) which costs me a lot of time too 😉 If it would be a workplace, where I’d work in a social media field etc…. I’d be pretty happy (but that’s another topic) ^^

That’s it for now, and as always, I see you all later \m/^^\m/

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