Insomnia (Short Story, 1285 words)

It’s been a while, but here’s my newest “horror” short-story. I wrote it within two hours and I used spell checker for a quick grammar correction (I hope that it isn’t too bad) 😉


Dog-tired, I scuff through the floor of my apartment. The wooden planks beneath my feet are warm, except for one spot, which is always cold. Every day I wondered why it is so, but… my stupid janitor said that it was nothing and that I shouldn’t care about it and that I shouldn’t ask him again. Slowly I march into my nice, little kitchen, touch the glass-table and let my hand hover over a bowl which is filled with apples, “Mmh apples.” But I’m not going to eat those now. The wooden floor beneath my feet feels great. It was a good choice to buy this apartment. Gently, I grab the handle of the nearby refrigerator and open the door. Cold air flows out of it, covering my chest and my arm as I let my hand slip inside of it, “Yummy.” I hum. Rather quickly I grab a plate, filled with mashed potatoes, gravy and meatballs.
“Thanks mom.” I grin, close the refrigerator and put my meal into the microwave and activate the timer. It feels like activating a time-bomb, ready to give me the explosive tastiness of a home cooked meal, “Hehe.” I smile and wait for my dinner that I got from my recent visit at home.
The smell is great and my mouth is already watering. Better than ramen noodles.
Beep Beep Beep! The microwave has finished the reheating process and I wonder if the plate will be hot and my dinner will be freezing cold. Speaking… I mean thinking of frozen… why is the floor cold here too? It was warm a moment before.
“Hmm.” Maybe the cold air from the refrigerator crawled down and now floats over the floor? Anyway, a fine meal awaits me. I open the glass-door, carefully grab the plate and check the heat of my food with my other hand. It is surprisingly warm and not only the plate. I close the microwave, grab a fork, a knife and go to the living room. Finally, I can sit down on my large couch, place my plate which is full of tasty food on the coffee table and switch on the television via the remote control.
Well, now I sit here, enjoying my food, watching a show and wonder what else I need in my life. I have a great job, a nice apartment, a lovely family and… yes, “A girlfriend would be great.” I sigh.
“Anyway.” I grunt and swallow the last, juicy meatball and continue to watch some TV. Man, I am really tired after this rich meal. I yawn and notice that the floor beneath my feet gets colder and colder, “Weird.” I yawn. Maybe it’s the ventilation shafts that run through the floors?
Stretching my back, I stand up, turn off the TV and wonder if I should play a game on my console?
“Nah.” I yawn again and walk over, to the bathroom. With a small motion of my pointer I switch on the lights in the sterile looking room and approach the sink. A short look in the mirror above the sink shows my face, “Damn, I’m one good-looking dude.” I joke to myself. Something immediately catches my interest. It is a long, blonde hair, deep down in the sink. Shrugging with my shoulders, I flush it down the drain, but wonder, where it came from. Most certainly it is none of mine, because I have short, brown hairs. Maybe it stuck with me after work? Do we have a woman with long, blonde hairs in the office? No, I’m too tired to investigate this any further. Quickly I brush my teeth, undress myself, except for my boxer shorts and T-shirt. I waddle to my nearby bedroom and swiftly jump on it. The bouncy material cushions my fall and I immediately pull the blanket up to my shoulders.
It feels cozy, like always. Now I lie here, in my big, comfortable bed and wonder how it would be, if I had a girlfriend. Damn, I need someone to talk to and cuddle with. Nice thoughts, and I get tired by the minute, but I can’t sleep. I try to, but somehow it is not possible.
“Oh man.” I sigh and pull the blanket up a little more.
“Why is it getting colder?” I wonder and feel kind of uncomfortable as a cold breath of wind sneaks under my blanket and touches my hip.
“Stupid janitor… I… I will tell him tomorrow, to fix the damn air conditioner.” This damn air conditioning system is the only grief that I have about this otherwise amazing apartment.
Maybe a little thinking will distract me from the sometimes cold breaths of air that now even touch my neck.
And again, another breath touches my neck and after a short break, another one, “It feels like…” I turn around and see nothing. But for a moment it seems like the blinds in front of the windows have moved.
“Nah, stupid mind, go to rest. You’re a grown up dude. Monsters and ghosts don’t exist, silly.” I whisper to myself and turn around, only to feel the cold air repeatedly touch my neck. Slowly I begin to accept this rhythmic flow of air and I get more and more tired, but another cold blow enters my blanket.
Dammit! That’s so… my thoughts stop immediately as I feel gentle, slender but also cold fingers touch on my arm. I can’t move, I… I feel paralyzed. Slowly I feel the weight of a person on my whole arm, my eyes widen and I can’t close them. The weight shifts over and now rests on my chest. I don’t see anything. No shadow, no physical shape, but I feel… someone breathing. Cold air tickles my face and I try to move my eyes to the left before thin forearms appear in my fixed sight. Long, pale and bony fingers move without a sound, touching the blanket to my right. A head covered in long, blonde hairs comes into my view. Paralyzed, I can only watch as the hairs move to the sides, revealing a pale, face with no eyes, no nose, but a gaping mouth that turns into a grin reveals hundreds of flat but thin teeth. Behind those teeth lies a pitch-black and endless seeming throat.
The jaw of the creature, with no real facial features, opens wider as a long, worm-like tongue emits from the blackness of its throat.
Slowly, this pale creature creeps nearer to my face, dripping saliva on my chin and starts to talk to me, “You wanted a girlfriend? Here I am. You’re mine now!” Are the last words I hear, before the creature leaps forward and buries its teeth in my face.

I don’t know for how long I’ve been asleep, but now that I’m awake, I wonder where I am. It is dark, where I am. It is cold and clammy. I wander around, but I can’t seem to remember this place. I try to scream, but no word will come out of my mouth.
From time to time I hear steps from above the ceiling but only muffled voices. Am I dreaming? Am I dead? Again, I can hear steps and voices from above.
“Oh honey, it is perfect, let’s buy this apartment.” I hear a female voice.
“Sure sweetie, let’s buy it. But, why did the last owner left this place?” A male voice asks.
“If I remember correctly, he simply vanished a few months ago. No one knows what happened to him. I really wouldn’t worry about it.” The female voice answers and the blood in my veins freezes as I feel cold air touching my neck…

Thanks for reading \m/^^\m/



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