Some of my paintings (old and new)

Hello again.

This time, I want to present you some of my new ond old paintings. Well some of them are already a few months old and I forgot to share them online. Some of these paintings (most of them) are now on Twitter and Deviantart, but I also want to show them here. For more paintings and tattoo-design-ideas, please visit my Twitter and Deviantart accounts.


Sci Fi Landscape 2


vortex 2

Framed Landscape 2

For more paintings (made by me) and sometimes silly stuff, you can visit my following accounts 😉

My Twitter =

My Deviantart =

See You all later \m/^^\m/


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About sidneyoliverbrehm

I'm a massive Maple Syrup, Hiking, Media, Nature e.g. addict/lover. I will finish some of my books and short stories this year and I'm a jerk whose rusted English might cause melting brains ;) And hopefully I will finally have my master's degree early next year if everything goes as planned (it never does, trust me ;) ).

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