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Eckernförde, Kiel and more

Hello everyone, or whoever remembers me. I am back from a rather long hiatus. Sadly I haven’t found enough time to write over the last few months. I “suffered” from writers block or in general I wasn’t able to be creative. The past one and a half years were full of some personal/family issues and my job didn’t help either.

Now I am back and I hope to upload new blog posts regularly, plus I’ll start to write some query letters for my book again. I still need an agent for said book, which is called Grim. It seems like a never ending story to me to be honest.

And now, I’ll finally tell you, what this blog post will be mainly about.


This first new blog post will be about my hometown Eckernförde and the town where I work most of the time, which is called Kiel. I’ll also show you some of the lovely areas near Eckernförde. By the way I am pretty often in Hamburg and I love this city, but I’ll write about it in a later blog post.

Now back to Eckernförde and Kiel.

Both towns are located in the state Schleswig Holstein which is the most northern state of Germany. Please don’t worry. I won’t talk about the history of both towns. Especially for Eckernförde and Borby I wrote some historical papers, which you can purchase at the town museum in Eckernförde. In fact, I uploaded one part here on WordPress a couple of months ago. I mainly want to show you some impressions of both towns and tell you just a little bit about what you see in those pictures.

And now shall we begin our little tour.



First of all, most of the following photos were taken during fall and all of them were shot in 2016. You will find a small explanatory text under every set of photos.


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Here you can see the beach. In fact Eckernförde has quite a few beaches. You can find one while leaving Eckernförde, when you drive to Kiel. There’s also the Eckernförder beach which comes before the one that I mentioned before. On the other side of the bay you can visit the Borby beach, which is a little smaller but I prefer this one to be honest, because it isn’t as crowded as the other two.

By the way, you can only see the Eckernförde beach in the photos. I also wanted to show you the Eckernförde harbour which was redesigned a few years ago. Now it looks much cleaner. I’d love to show you some old photos, but I couldn’t find them. There are also some impressions from the town centre, including some rather old buildings.

I might write a second article about Eckernförde, but so far this is all I can share with you.



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This beautiful lake can be found just a few minutes away from Eckernförde, when you drive by car. Here you can hike, bath, camp and have a nice barbecue especially in the summer. The two small villages near the western side of the lake are called Groß (big) Wittensee and Klein (small) Wittensee. I have not much else to say about it and hope that you like the photos.



Kiel is the capital of Schleswig Holstein and here I also studied at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel.

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The city was almost completely destroyed during World War 2 and because of that, you won’t find many old buildings. By the way, Eckernförde was a lot luckier and you can find some beautiful old buildings there. There are not nearly as many old buildings in Eckernförde as in Lübeck but you will find some nice ones there too. Some of the photos here show the bay area of Kiel, the old town hall near a small lake and a small portion of the inner-city.


That’s it for now. I hope that you like this short blog post and I really hope to be able to upload new blog posts regularly, from now on.

I wish you all a great and beautiful day.


All photos were taken by Sidney Oliver Brehm in 2016 (the author of this blog post) with an old Sony M4 Aqua smartphone.






Coffee? Yes, please!

When I woke up this morning and made myself a huge cup of coffee, my mood was already fantastic.

The sun shone and created sparkling reflections on the surface of the dark and steamy beverage.

Then I tripped and spilled a huge load (in a not sexually way) of my beloved coffee.

After that I cried for about 5 minutes. Just kidding….. I cried for an hour.

Okay, I didn’t cry and I didn’t spill my coffee. I just wanted a nice starter, for my boring coffee story.

I simply love this dark beverage but I actually never drank much of it for a long time. A few years ago, when I was smaller… well, I was always small, so let’s say, when I was younger, I regularly drank one or two cups in a month. Not much, huh?! Well, this was before I visited the USA, back in 2013. For more information about that, read my post about my LA/California vacation, if you like (I know that you want to read it).

Since then I probably drank enough coffee, to fill an Olympic qualification standard swimming pool.

I think it has to do with me, being nostalgic about that visit, plus I really started to love the taste of coffee. By the way, I really mean that I LOVE the taste of coffee. My Brother and I would always buy a morning coffee or sometimes a different beverage from the Starbucks that sits next to Albertsons in Calabasas. It became a routine, but I really liked it. Before that visit, I only liked to drink coffee from time to time, like I said a few sentences before.

Since then, I drank my coffee in various coffee shops (including the only Starbucks in northern Germany).

For me it is weird that there is only one Starbucks, in northern Germany (in Kiel, to be precise) and then you’ll only find a whole bunch of them in Hamburg again.

Anyways, coffee and its various forms are my warm/hot beverage of choice, followed by chai latte and I don’t want to miss them now.

Did I mention that I really like to drink my coffee, while I write and paint…. like almost any other person, who does the same? Mind = blown (loud BOOM sound).

The next blog posts will be about book stuff, music, my tattoo designs and my acrylic paintings 😉

Whatever, this was my own little story about how I started to love coffee at the “late” age of 27 years XD

Thanks for reading and as always, I’ll see you in the next post or daily on Twitter \m/^^\m/

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