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Too Many Projects – Time Management

Just a very quick update about a problem that we all encountered… maybe. Well, at least I did.

Following my last post here, I have to stress to you all that you shouldn’t work on too many projects at once. At some point in the past, I worked on maybe ten different projects at once and oh boy, it didn’t pay off. I had a very poor time-management, until I got my sh*t together at the beginning of this year and put a few projects on hold. After I learned this the hard way, I finally concentrated only on Grim and some personal stuff, which isn’t relevant here. Only a few weeks later, I finished Grim, to the point, where I now think that I can present it to publishers and agents (I wrote about this topic in my last post).

This is the reason, why my book has been in the works for eons and I kind of hate myself a little bit, for realizing that late that I can’t write ten books/screenplays at once. But It would be pretty rad, if I would be able to do so, I think 😉

Well, now I concentrate on getting a publisher or an agent, for my book and hope for the best (fingers crossed).

Meanwhile, I write on only 3 other projects, which is doable. If I get a publisher, then I’ll probably have to work on Grim again and I’ll gladly do so. By the way, don’t forget that I have a normal day-job too (like many other “small” writers) which costs me a lot of time too 😉 If it would be a workplace, where I’d work in a social media field etc…. I’d be pretty happy (but that’s another topic) ^^

That’s it for now, and as always, I see you all later \m/^^\m/


The long process of writing my query letter, for Grim

Prepare for a lot of whining and stuff that everyone, who wrote a query latter, must have encountered already.

Writing a query letter is freakishly hard, in my opinion.

I created like what… maybe 30-50 different versions (I lost count to be honest) of my query letter, before I found the version that doesn’t suck as bad, as the others.

Maybe the final query letter incarnation is good, maybe it’s bad. I have no clue, even though I used some successful ones, as reference, while I created my own. XD

I have my fingers crossed that either a publisher or an agent (agency) will like what she or he sees.

For me, writing a query letter was even harder, than to write a whole book/novel (in this case “Grim”), but all this is complaining about first world problems.  😉

That’s it, for today, I’ll see you all later (or every day, on Twitter) \m/^^\m/

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