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Concept Art (a few samples)

Hello. Well, it’s been a while, since I last uploaded a blog entry (sorry). This time, I want to show you (yes you two), some pieces of the concept art that I created a while ago. It is only a very small portion (maybe 1 %) of all the concept art that I have created over… well, maybe twelve years (?). 

They are basically alpha versions, created within 2-5 minutes. The concept art that was created for my books (mainly for Moribund Worlds (working title) and Grim) won’t be shown here.The designs which you’ll see here are all in a very early stage but I hope that you’ll enjoy them at least a tiny bit 😉 . I’m not a professional concept artist (duh), but I love painting, drawing and creating stuff. So, if you would like to use some of my designs etc. please contact me via Twitter (no direct message please) or E-Mail. All links are at the bottom of this post. Here’s an example, how the alpha version looks like (felt pen on paper) and for comparison a finished concept art piece (created with acrylic paint on cardboard). I also use graphic-tablets and digital painting programs sometimes.

Alpha version


Finished version


And now some other alpha versions 😉 Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image





I hope that you liked these early designs and that you’ll have a great day.

Thanks for watching \m/^^\m/




More of my creations can be found here (and on Twitter)….


Accompanying music, for your writing and painting sessions “ Epic Goosebumps Edition”


As always, this is all in my opinion. You might not get goose bumps (if that’s the case, you might be an alien though O.o).

Btw. it’s been a while since my last post (I’ve been extremely busy and I still am).

And now, please enjoy the music that I found in the endless and sometimes creepy realms of youtube. It was dark in there, but luckily my trusty, old pumpkin was by my side… even though his jokes were rather corny :/ 


Princess Mononoke – Legend of Ashitaka Soundtrack [HQ]


Dark Souls 2 Trailer Theme Extended


Mass Effect – We Simply… Are


John Dreamer – Mass Effect 3 EPIC MUSIC “End of my Journey”


Reignite – Mass Effect/Shepard Tribute Song by Malukah


Transformers – Arrival To Earth (Unreleased Original Version)


Pacific Rim Main Theme – Ramin Djawadi


Killzone 3 Official Soundtrack Main Menu Theme: And Ever We Fight On (Extended)


Future World Music – Passion of Victory


Mass Effect – We Simply… Are


And the painting? Glad that you ask (you two). I made it myself (you can look at my account if you like, for more paintings and concept art =  ).

Prometheus Review (Late Edition)


Ok, here it is, late as always, but this time it’s due to me, being very busy. I watched it at the cinema (was invited to see the 3D showing). I change my typical review style and review this movie without the sub item-stuff that I normally use (get used to it you two, because I think I’ll use this from now on muahahaha). Oh, and as always, this text has been edited by a fuc*ing stupid online grammar, spelling, whatsoever program. So be aware, that you might get diarrhea after reading it. Yes, I crossed the line here…. finally.

One or two things before I’ll finally start with the review. I hope to keep this review as unbiased as possible. I’m one of the biggest Alien fans on this planet (if you search for Alien-fan in a dictionary, then you’ll most probably find a picture of me, next to the description 😉  ). I first had the highest hopes in Prometheus, because well, I mean Ridley fu*king Scott is the director of this, it has a high budget and the cast is great too. But wait for my review, you might be surprised…. Or not, I don’t care to be honest :p

But now follows the review. I hope to avoid most spoilers, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, back off immediately!

Last chance….

Too late, now I start with the damn sweet review ^^.

The movie (Prometheus doh XD) takes place in the years 2089 and 2093. Its main theme revolves around the search for our (humankind) beginnings and the search for our supposed creators. And it shows you of course what can go wrong when you attempt such a journey 😉  . The first thing I want to highlight is the beginning. The movie starts with one of the most impressive openings I’ve ever seen. Beautiful landscapes and amazing effects are everywhere (not only at the beginning of the movie). It’s one of the most visually appealing movies ever. The creature designs are great too. I know that many will disagree regarding the creature design and I can understand why, but for me, the chosen designs made sense. Btw, you’ll get some nice shock moments. But if you expect a gore-fest, then you might be disappointed. It’s not a teen slasher movie like AVP 2 – oh man I hate that movie with a passion, just like Battleship. But at least there’s some blood and a few moments where you could hear a loud “Ewww” in the cinema hall. Oh man, I don’t know what to say, I can’t spoil here anything, but I thought that the idea for the film was/is pretty good. The OST fits the scenes pretty well and supports the pretty great atmosphere. But now I’ll discuss some of the negative points.

I’ve read quite a few reviews now and I have to agree in some points with those. The scene transitions are sometimes a bit rough and I would have liked them to focus more on one specific scene rather than jumping between them at times. I guess the fast pacing you get through this is due to the new cinema goers (do you call them this way?). They have a very short attention span and so you have to compromise I guess. That’s bad for me and some others who would have preferred a different cut, but for most people the cinema-version was very entertaining (heard a lot of praise and only some people saying, that they awaited more from this movie after it ended). And here comes another negative point. Many people (me excluded), awaited more creatures and answers why or how those creatures spawned. And here comes a huge spoiler… maybe. For example one of the first creature you’ll see, is the Hammerpede. It’s a snake-like creature that originates from some type of worms. Some people simply missed that little detail. The other lifecycles are in my opinion pretty clear to understand. I won’t talk about it here, because this would be a tremendous spoiler. Ok, back to the other negative points. 1st there are the sometimes rough, strange scene transitions 2nd there are not enough creatures (I thought there were enough :/  ). But now comes the 3rd and in my opinion last negative point and that’s the sometimes not so well chosen dialogues. Sometimes they seem a bit too cheesy and too standard. I also know that some people thought that the behaviors of some crewmembers were odd and not very comprehensible. But I think that you can see this kind of strange behavior pretty often today. I mean come on, a scientist who’s fascinated by a certain animal, may tend to try and touch it, even though it seems more or less dangerous. I guess you all know to whom I’m referring right now. If not, shame on you.

Closing comments

It’s really annoying to not being able to spoil anything (or too much), but I hate spoilers and so I try to avoid them as much as possible. That’s why you won’t find a detailed description of the story here. In general I understand why people hate this movie or simply why they are disappointed. For me however it was a really enjoyable sci-fi movie. Maybe because I heard so many negative things, that my former extremely high hopes got completely shattered and that might be the reason why I like Prometheus very much actually. You might have gotten another impression because the negative points I mentioned are including some of the most important parts of a movie, but the stunning visuals (very nice and noticeable 3D effects btw.), the overall great idea and the in my opinion great design are more than enough to give this movie a try. Oh and please don’t forget the great performance of Michael Fassbender (truly amazing) and Noomi Rapace. Some people might complain about, how this movie left them with more questions than answers. I for myself have only a handful left and most aren’t important. It might have been a mistake only to watch it once, but when the Blu Ray will be released, I’ll watch it 24/7 I guess. For me it’s a very philosophical movie, which opens up some pretty nice questions and in general you can find a lot of hidden things, when you’re really concentrating on its symbolism. Before I’ll close this review, I want to tell you, that I personally see this movie more as a starter and well, a few weeks ago, Fox announced part 2 already (hell yeah ^^). Oh man, I can think of so many amazing things they can do with part 2 or maybe part 3, because I heard, that it might become a trilogy. Prometheus may not be such a groundbreaking, genre defining movie as the first Alien was, but it is a really good sci-fi flick anyway. It might have some flaws, but it’s still great and better than some of the recent stuff that I saw lately (Battleship, I hate you so much that I actually hope, that you’ll burn in movie hell). But back to Prometheus and that you should maybe see the open questions as great stuff for discussions (I hate being spoon-fed by so many movies). Well, at least till part 2 or the Blu Ray with over twenty minutes of cut, enhanced and added scenes will answer them… eventually 😉 Oh and just btw, I would love to work as a supportive creature designer for part 2 and 3…. You hear that Fox…. Sir Ridley Scott 😉 The small letters are there on purpose 😉

Thanks for reading. Instead of a potato (I don’t have any yet), you’ll get a huge hug (catch me if you can muahahaha).

The picture I used here, has been created by myself and is inspired by Prometheus the movie (minimalist drawing style, which is very untypical for me).

Review for Pandorum (movie)


Ok, first things first. I used some online spelling and grammar checking tools and changed some things, just like they suggested XD And now, here it comes, my second movie review.

It took me a while before I was finally able to get my hands, eyes and taste buds on this science fiction movie. It took ages before it got released here (same as the godly District 9). And when it finally hit the stores I instantly bought it, unwrapped the foil (I hate this damn stubborn foil so much) and punched it in my PS3 (yes you read right). And what I saw was nothing short of an overlooked gem in the sci-fi genre. Oh by the way, this review only reflects my own opinion, so if you don’t like it, please kindly fu*k off right now (or should I expel you from my lawn with my nonexistent shot gun?).

Plot (very short summary)

Ok, here we go with a nearly 100 percent spoiler free plot summary. The movie first tells the story of Payton (Dennis Quaid) and Bower (Ben Foster). They awaken without any memory out of a cryo-sleep-phase on board the spaceship Elysium. Completely on their own they try to discover what happened in the empty, dark hallways of the Elysium and where all the other thousands of crew members are hiding. It won’t take them long until they find out, that they’re not as alone as they suspected to be in the labyrinth-like corridors of the huge spaceship. But this will only be the start of a fight for survival which will present you one of the best science fiction horror experiences.


This is a tough part as always, because I don’t want to spoil you anything. But well, if you look at the back of the DVD/Blu-Ray of Pandorum, you’ll be able to read/see that there are more than two persons starring in this movie anyway. If you want to avoid any minor spoiler (I know, they’re annoying as hell), then I suggest you to skip this text and continue with the extremely excessive soundtrack section. Ok, for everyone else, I was surprised to see Dennis Quaid (as Payton) in this science fiction movie and I’m very pleased that he fits perfectly in this movie. Ben Foster (as Bower) presents the viewer one of his great performances again, but this wasn’t surprising for me. Cam Gigandet (as Gallo) is also very well suited for his role and surprised me with a very solid performance as well as Antje Traue (as Nadia) and Cung Le (as Manh). Especially Antje Traue as a tough survivalist was a refreshing addition and way more believable than Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil series (I mean seriously, what the fu*k). Btw, I’m not hating on Milla Jovovich (I like her), but her role as Alice is simply way too over the top. Oh, and am I the only one who immediately thought of Ellen Ripley when Miss Traue first appeared on screen? Another actor I want to bring up is Eddie Rouse (as Leland). He plays a very eerie character here, and is a great addition to the story. The rest of the Cast is only seen in smaller supportive roles and function just an addition, but none the less fits the feeling of the movie. I like that the cast doesn’t consist of smooth faced actors. Instead you’ll find a good mix of some new and some already well-known actors and actresses.


Hmm, well, what should I say? It’s a really good soundtrack that simply underlines the story really good. It’s never intrusive, but lacks a tiny bit in the recall value department. I especially like the end credits by the way, so check them out too after you’re finished with the movie ;).


Pandorum has become one of my most favorite science fiction flicks out there. It follows the style of Event Horizon and Alien and blends those two with its own ideas into a tasty, gritty drink that you’ll empty within seconds. Yes, weird association, but my psychiatrist said I’m sane, till I ate his brain… ok, forget that. I don’t know how this movie flew under so many science fiction fans radars. It has a great cast, nice effects, a good OST and well, one of the best plots I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot). Btw, I can’t believe that the Resident Evil creators worked on this little gem, because let’s face it, “the RE series is only highly forgettable brain (eye) candy”, to cite Tammy Salyer ;). All in all it’s an awesome movie experience with some really nice plot twists and I hope that as many people as possible will give it a try. The only negative points involve one of the cg effects that is a bit sloppily done (only a minor part, but oh well, I might be a bit harsh here). I also dislike the fact, that there’s a bit too much chit chat in the middle of the movie. In my opinion those parts stole a bit of the tension, but everything else is just great. But the few negative points are the reason, why I can’t give this wonderful movie five points. It’s nearly damn close to perfection for me none the less and that’s why it gets….

   4.75 out of 5 points

Picture not by me. Source =

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